Automate Compliance with Hazconnect

Automated Hazmat Compliance Solutions - Hazconnect

Tidy case folders available anytime

  • Close regulatory gaps by starting a compliance case.
  • Maintain a digital file for easy access anytime.
  • Configure our own non-compliance reasons.
  • Configure approval workflows to close a compliance item.
  • Run reports to quickly identify status of cases.
  • Track compliance cases to closure faster.

Compliance Letters/ Emails

  • Automatically generate non-compliance letters or email notifications based on statuses.
  • Populate custom content as needed.
  • Save significant amount of professional time.
  • Simplify and speed correspondence.


  • Automatically calculates late or other fees.
  • Users can pay online.
  • Track all compliance fees together or separately from other activities.
  • Track non-compliance fees with ease.
Automated EPCRA Reporting and Compliance Solutions - Hazconnect

Measure How Your Team is Doing

  • Track work completed against goals.
  • Analyze trends on case closure.
  • Dashboards showing work completed by compliance admins.
  • Set performance targets and reach them.