Simplify Regulatory Complexity with Hazconnect

Simplify Reporting to Improve Results

  • Different sites create more confusion. Users can submit various regulatory reports through a single site.
  • Different regulatory forms can be configured with their own rules but follow the same workflow.
  • Different agencies receive the notification they need.
  • Different users have access to only the access and features and data they need.
  • Increase efficiency by reducing redundancies of data and effort.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating similar systems.
  • Simplify to gain greater Focus.
Centralized Portal for Different Regulations
Guided Forms

Improve Customer Experience

  • Forms are laid out in Steps to help users quickly understand requirements.
  • Pre-populated forms save time and resources.
  • Look-up libraries help users complete reporting steps quickly with reduced key-strokes.
  • Complex rules are built-in to automate calculations and update statuses, increasing accuracy.
  • Symbols help users know whether reports have errors and how to correct them.
  • Real-time notifications alerts stakeholders about submission.
  • Complete reporting faster.

Eliminate Errors at Source

  • Robust form checking is done to ensure the integrity of the submitted data.
  • Users correct errors on entry, eliminating the need for backend corrections.
  • Robustness of validation engine eliminates large percentage of compliance follow-up.
  • Enables administrators to focus on content.
  • Achieve high quality output.
Robust Validation Engine
Reporting Fees

Manage Fees with Ease

  • Automatic calculation of fees.
  • Supports various payment options like credit card, ACH, and checks.
  • Recording of invoices, accounts received.
  • Manage refunds and write offs.
  • Manage fees easily.

Light Touch Reviews

  • Automation reduces previously manual tasks.
  • Enables fewer Program Administrators to manage a larger workload.
  • Single view for review approvals.
  • Easy view and access to dependent processes like billing, inspection results, incident history, and notes to enable faster review completion.
  • Reduced effort means Program Administrators can focus on content, rather than missing fields.
  • Complete compliance reviews quickly.
Easy Reviews
Revisions and Updates

Stay Current with Report Revisions and Updates

  • Reporters can record changes over time.
  • Improves currency of downstream processes and analysis.
  • Meet legal audits easily with separate records for changes.
  • Data locking maintain data integrity so that no reports are overwritten.
  • Stay aware of changes.

Export Reports

  • Export report data for analysis.
  • Print and email friendly report formats.
  • Export to EPA Tier2Submit format for use by First Res-ponders.
  • Keep your systems communicating.
Export to Tier2Submit, Excel, PDF