Hazconnect notifies the right incident
stakeholders based on reported hazards
as soon as incidents are reported.

Common Pain Points
  •  Manual notifications are not 24 x 7 x 365.
  •  Manual notification to incident stakeholders is tedious and time-consuming.
  •  Missed or delayed notifications can lead to missed or delayed response at an incident site.
  •  Paper incident reports are hard to share to provide situational awareness and track through the incident.

Pave the way for a Faster Response

Get the right incident agencies or individuals notified about hazards at an incident site as soon as the incident is reported. Through Hazconnect, notify responders 24 x 7 x 365, without human intervention, kicking off a timely response assessment. Track the incident through the emergency response lifecycle. Share incidents data on a public portal.

Incident Reporting and Notifications bring together all incident actors in real-time.  

Incident Reporting/Notifications

  • Incident reporting by hotline operator or spiller.
  • Immediate Notification to all incident stakeholder agencies to trigger action.
  • Written Follow Up reports by incident agencies or spiller as the incident evolves.
  • GIS mapping to identify if the spill affects water resources or other points of interest.
  • A centralized dashboard provides a view of Incident Stages and Enforcement Actions by major incident agencies to provide situational awareness.
  • Assign incidents to team members for investigation.
  • Tracking documentation, photos to help decision-making.
  • Public portal to share incidents to the public.
GIS Mapping and Spills Reporting - Hazconnect

Licensed as an Installed Product, Hosted Product, or Subscription Service. Light, Standard, and Enterprise Editions with Value Added Modules.