Inspections become Seamless with Hazconnect

Build Your Own Checklists

  • Administrators can create their own inspection forms.
  • Can be changed with new regulations and requirements.
  • Flexible forms reflect your changing needs.


  • Schedule inspectors for jobs.
  • Inspectors are notified of schedule and can accept or request changes.
  • Assign inspections with ease.

Site or Area Surveys

  • Inspections can be done either for a specific Site or for an Area.
  • View inspections on a map.
  • Increase inspection coverage.

Hazmat Inspection Forms - Seamless Inspections - Hazconnect

Photos and Other Attachments

  • Take photos and attach them to the case.
  • Track sketches and other attachments for easy reference later.
  • Capture visuals.


  • Automatically calculates fees for inspections and violations.
  • Users can pay online.
  • Track all inspection fees together or separately from other activities.
  • Track inspections fees with ease.

Follow Ups and Other Violations

  • Provide improvement notes.
  • Issue warnings or violation notices.
  • Update incomplete records to get site back into compliance.
  • Schedule follow-ups to ensure that remediation steps are taken.
  • Get sites back into compliance faster.

Identify Trends for Proactive Action

  • Track work completed against goals.
  • Analyze trends on non-compliance, violations, and remediation activities.
  • Dashboards showing work completed by inspector.
  • Identify vulnerabilities faster.