Identify PFAS, DHS Chemicals of Interest (CFATS), and EHS with Hazconnect

Search PFAS

According to the EPA website, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widely-used, long-lasting chemicals which break down very slowly over time. Because of their widespread use and their persistence in the environment, many PFAS are found in the blood of people and animals all over the world and are present at low levels in a variety of food products and in the environment. There is an increased effort to identify the presence of PFAS in the community. With Hazconnect, users can easily search for commonly identified PFAS. Reports can be exported and easily shared with stakeholders.

Search DHS Chemicals of Interest (CFATS)

After 9/11, facilities storing extremely hazardous chemicals above certain quantities were identified as being subject to the DHS Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard. With Hazconnect, users can easily search for the DHS Chemicals of Interest which can be used as input to State Homeland Security and Emergency Management agencies as well as with Federal agencies.

Search EHS exceeding TPQ

According to EPCRA, facilities storing Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) over the Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) are required to develop an emergency plan. Hazconnect users can quickly search facilities storing EHS over TPQ. Based on a facility’s chemical inventory, Hazconnect will automatically identify if a facility is storing EHS over the TPQ and tag it as a candidate for an emergency response plan. Information from the chemical inventory, GIS, and other information can come together into an Emergency Response Plan using the Emergency Response Plan module.

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