Hazconnect Helps SERCs Do More with Less by Automating Fee Collection

Hazconnect offers a comprehensive, flexible, and custom approach for collecting EPCRA reporting fees based on your program’s rules. Hazconnect implements your Agency's custom billing rules and automatically creates the calculated invoice during the report submission process completed by the Facility. Chemical or Facility Fee Exemptions can be incorporated as well as other billing rules related to fee caps.

Once a facility completes report steps, an invoice is automatically created and the facility user is presented with options for payment. Some States, Counties, or Cities only accept electronic payments online by credit card or electronic check payment to avoid manual processing of paper checks. Others offer paper check and online payment options.

Numerous other features help streamline the fee collection process making it faster and easier than before.

The Hazconnect automated billing approach can be easily implemented for other programs outside of EPCRA as well. If you have an invoicing and payment process in need of automation, Hazconnect can help.

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