Hazconnect Most Widely Used Solution by SERCs

The EPA National Survey of State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs) published April 2023 cites Hazconnect as the most widely used solution by SERCs nationally. As the first national survey of SERCs, the report shed much-needed light on the various challenges that SERCs face.

Sources of funding can be a challenge. Some States use state-appropriated funds or filing fees collected for EPCRA reporting. Others rely on federal grants, like the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) grant , FEMA Emergency Management Performance Grant , or Homeland Security Grant Program. Hazconnect can connect you with others successfully using grant funding for Hazconnect services.

Limited staffing is another challenge to overcome, especially when there is a lot to be done. Resources are needed for reviewing reports, supporting businesses, conducting compliance education and outreach, supporting LEPCs, delivering training, or communicating with the public. Hazconnect provides a one-stop shop and automates tedious, manual work so resources can focus on more complex tasks like education and outreach and do more with less. The number of EPCRA reports submitted by facilities can be overwhelming. It s an ongoing review process, with not just Annual reports, but also Updates and Revisions submitted throughout the year. According to the EPA National Survey of State Emergency Response Commissions (SERCs), there are 663,095 facilities covered under both state and federal programs that submit reports each year.

Hazconnect Users - Industry, State Government, Local Government

Hazconnect streamlines information collection, sharing, and analysis and helps each actor meet their mandates effectively. Because of this, the EPA National Survey of SERCs found that Hazconnect (also known as the TIER II MANAGER) system is the most widely used choice for EPCRA data management, spills reporting, and emergency management among States.

Hazconnect addresses needs for the complete EPCRA lifecycle, including regulatory data management, compliance follow-ups, emergency planning, emergency response, spills emergency management, and public information. Data can be exported to Tier2Submit. Searches and reports provide information when you need it. Hazconnect delivers regulatory updates, training, and support so that Users don't need to worry as their program grows and changes over time. As compliance and emergency planning becomes faster and easier, public safety will improve. More and more SERCs are learning about these benefits from their fellow SERCs. We all look forward to learning how things have progressed when the next SERC Survey is released.

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