Indiana Achieves 100% Online Reporting with Hazconnect Hazconnect


Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) acts on behalf of the Indiana Emergency Response Commission (IERC) to manage statewide efforts related to hazardous material data collection and emergency planning coordination with the State’s 92 Counties.   IDHS used an internal system to manage Emergency Planning Community Right–to–know Act (EPCRA) reports collected from the thousands of regulated businesses required to report to IERC and local authorities.


Obstacles Faced

Businesses, State Compliance Authorities, and County Emergency Planners faced several challenges using the old system. 

  •  Businesses and Compliance Authorities needed a more efficient chemical validation process in place to identify EHS and other hazardous chemicals and to tally complex chemical rules. 
  •  Compliance authorities needed a more efficient process to collect fee payments.
  •  Businesses needed an easier method to report  hazardous chemicals inventories.
  •  Businesses and Compliance Authorities needed a single online system to handle all sections of the EPCRA law. 
  •  County Emergency Planners needed an on-demand system to export and access information anytime.

How did the Implementation Process Work?

IERC decided to implement Hazconnect to meet its challenges since it contained a complete set of features to manage EPCRA out-of-the-box.   With a few teleconferences, IDHS was able to complete the product configuration meetings with the Hazconnect team.   The Hazconnect team worked on configuring the product, migrating several years of existing data to the new system, and installing the new system.   The team delivered a webinar training to users to equip Administrators on managing the system.   The complete project took only a few months. 

What was achieved in the First Year?

  100% online reporting in the first year of using the Hazconnect solution. 

  Online payments for current and past filing periods were collected and posted as reports were submitted. 

  The full program for thousands of users was managed with  2 full-time and 2 part-time support during the reporting period.

  All LEPCs currently have the ability to retrieve, share, and export information on demand as needed. 


Indiana Achieve 100% reporting with Hazconnect

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