GOAL: Develop A Hazardous Materials Network

The Nevada State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) and State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFM) have teamed together to provide all Fire, Emergency Responders, and Local Emergency Planning Committees throughout the State with a single system for effective Emergency Hazmat Response.

Yep, found the Bottlenecks

  •  Two administrative assistants took months to enter data delaying access to critical hazmat planning information.
  •  State, county, and local fire departments were doing the SAME WORK at each level of government, wasting precious time and resources.
  •  Responders and Planners did not have access to critical Hazmat information.
  •  Lots of paper in the process. Reports were sent in hard copy. Hazmat Permits were mailed out.

With Nevada Hazmat Network

  •  99% of reports are reporting online providing instant access to view changes in the risk scenario.
  •  State Fire Marshal schedules and dispatches non-compliance inspections quickly. Identified hidden risks of non-reporting facilities
  •  Emergency Planners rely on Hazconnect for hazmat plan development and hazard analysis.
  •  All stakeholders have total visibility.
  •  More than 250+ Responders and Planners were trained throughout the state.

Milwaukee County, WI Goes Realtime with Hazconnect

Overall Key Benefits

  •  Instant data sharing across all 17 County Emergency Management Agencies.
  •  Single system is available for data access for the 182 fire departments.
  •  Thousands of dollars are saved at the state and local level by reducing data collection and data entry of paper reports.
  •  System has helped state become more eco friendly with the hazmat permits being available online in the system instead of the old hardcopy permits.

Indiana Achieve 100% reporting with Hazconnect

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