$30,600 SAVINGS per Year

  • Cuts county administration workload in half. (Saving $20,000 annually) 
  • 80% reduction in hazmat analysis hours.  (Saving $10,000 annually) 
  • Mailings are done online.  (Saving $600 annually)

THEN: No Access, More Expense

  • The old process required a full-time employee to manage the paper-based process.
  • The Tier II chemical information was not available for first responders.
  • The Tier II reports were warehoused in a filing cabinet in the office. Only the LEPC Coordinator had access to the information.
  • No assessment of risks for each chemical site.
  • Very prone to error since couldn't catch whether chemicals were EHS.
  • Hard to compare inventories for prior years.
  • Emergency Response plans were not reliable because they were more than 4+ years out of date.
  • No vulnerability analysis process was in place so they had to rely on a standard .50 mile radius around each site.
  • Due to the standard .50 vulnerability assessment, all 240 schools throughout the county spent hundreds of hours developing risk plans.
Milwaukee County, WI Goes Realtime with Hazconnect

NOW: Quick Access to Accurate Risk Plans

  • Facilities find it much easier to report than Tier 2 Submit.
  • More than 100+ responders and 5 satellite rescue squads have immediate 24/7 access to hazmat information and no longer need to go into incidents blindly.
  • The systems Emergency Response Plans make it easier for the planners to complete Hazmat Management Plans and other planning needs.
  • Inspectors are able to rely on the facility information from the system during their annual site inspections.
  • County/City of Fairfax are linked into one single Hazmat database.
  • Fairfax Hazmat Teams utilize the system to create their Aloha® plumes for risk sites.

Hazconnect being used in the back of the Fairfax County Hazmat Support Unit.

National Capital Region Accelerates Hazmat Respose

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