Previous Process was Paper Based and Resource Intensive

  • Chemical facilities sent Tier 2 Reports by paper hardcopy.
  • Administrators would annually file each paper hardcopy into the appropriate folders and then store them into a filing cabinet.
  • Tier 2 Reports were available only as paper copies to the local fire departments.
  • Administrators spent hundreds of hours creating manual invoices.
  • Postage and printing costs were allocated for mailings to over one hundred sites.
  • Fire Departments had to manually put all Tier 2 Reports together into one consolidated report.
  • City planners had to manually create the Offsite Response Plans from scratch with little input from facilities.
  • Administrators had to carefully review the reports due to a lot of facility duplication.
  • Philadelphia OEM spent numerous hours preparing an annual written Facility and Chemical report required by PENNSAFE to comply with Pennsylvania Act 165.

OEM Transitioned to the Hazconnect and saw Results Quickly

  • LEPCs and facilities easily update their Offsite Response Plans online saving hundreds of hours annually.
  • The City has saved thousands of dollars by automating invoice generation.
  • Facilities can view their Invoices online saving the city valuable time and money on postage and printing of invoices.
  • Administrators have access to an account management suite to track all accounts received from businesses.
  • Numerous valuable reports reduce time and resource costs.
  • Local Fire departs have access to the live data 24/7/365.
  • Responders and Planners can map each site’s vulnerability areas aiding planning needs.
  • PENNSAFE report is automatically generated from the system.

Other Agencies Leverage the Hazconnect Investment

  • Inspectors are using the system's Mapping features to schedule inspections in groups based on geography, saving time and resources.
  • Plans are currently in the works for the local Fire Departments to use the program for licensing and inspections.
  • HAZMAT Unit leverages the program to offer better field support.

Indiana Achieve 100% reporting with Hazconnect

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